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Then, just as the cur-tain rose on the sec-ond scene of the last act, the sound of a pis-tol’s re-port fell on the air. At first it was thought to have been part of the play; then a man was seen to leap from the Pres-i-dent’s box and fall down up-on the stage, with a knife in his hand, call-ing out the Lat-in words Sic sem-per ty-ran-nis,” which mean Thus al-ways to ty-rants.”

The Un-ion cause, by this last step, held the Mis-sis-sip-pi Riv-er as far down as Vicks-burg.

At last both great chiefs met to-geth-er in the small town of Ap-po-mat-tox at a plain farm house.

Lin-coln had the same good sense that he had from the start.


Lin-coln read his in-au-gu-ral ad-dress as Pres-i-dent of the U-ni-ted States. His old ri-val, Doug-las was near him, and to show his friend-ly and loy-al heart, held Lin-coln’s hat.

The train then rushed off, but a smile was on Mr. Lin-coln’s face, and for a brief time the weight of of-fice had left him.



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