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  I look at that precious gift bestowed on thee with awfulness before Him whogave it, and feel a desire that we may be so separated to the gospel of Christ,that those things which proceed from the spirit of this world may have no placeamong us.

  A FEW years past, money being made current in our province for carrying onwars, and to be called in again by taxes laid on the inhabitants, my mind wasoften affected with the thoughts of paying such taxes; and I believe it rightfor me to preserve a memorandum concerning it. I was told that Friends inEngland frequently paid taxes, when the money was applied to such purposes. Ihad conversation with several noted Friends on the subject, who all favouredthe payment of such taxes; some of them I preferred before myself, and thismade me easier for a time; yet there was in the depth of my mind a scruplewhich I never could get over; and at certain times I was greatly distressed onthat account.


  The latter end of the week their Yearly Meeting began; at which were ourfriends, John Scarborough, Jane Hoskins, and Susannah Brown, from Pennsylvania.


  Near the conclusion of the meeting for business, way opened in the pureflowings of divine love for me to express what lay upon me, which, as it thenarose in my mind, was first to show how deep answers to deep in the hearts ofthe sincere and upright; though, in their different growths, they may not allhave attained to the same clearness in some points relating to our testimony.

  This exercise came upon me in the afternoon on the second day of the YearlyMeeting, and on going to bed I got no sleep till my mind was wholly resignedthereto. In the morning I inquired of a Friend how long the Assembly was likelyto continue sitting, who told me it was expected to be prorogued that day orthe next. As I was desirous to attend the business of the meeting, andperceived the Assembly was likely to separate before the business was over,after considerable exercise, humbly seeking to the Lord for instruction, mymind settled to attend on the business of the meeting; on the last day of whichI had prepared a short essay of a petition to be presented to the Legislature,if way opened. And being informed that there were some appointed by that YearlyMeeting to speak with those in authority on cases relating to the Society, Iopened my mind to several of them, and showed them the essay I had made, andafterwards I opened the case in the meeting for business, in substance asfollows: -I have been under a concern for some time on account of the great number ofslaves which are imported into this colony. I am aware that it is a tenderpoint to speak to, but apprehend I am not clear in the sight of Heaven withoutdoing so. I have prepared an essay of a petition to be presented to theLegislature, if way open; and what I have to propose to this meeting is thatsome Friends may be named to withdraw and look over it, and report whether theybelieve it suitable to be read in the meeting. If they should think well ofreading it, it will remain for the meeting to consider whether to take anyfurther notice of it, as a meeting, or not.



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