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Chapter 4

Hiv . . . ohoi . . . Sounds from one of Herr Mack’s craft. My heart was filled with sunshine at the well-known song. I rowed to the quay, walked up past the fishers’ huts and home. The day was at an end. I had my meal, sharing it with ?sop, and set out into the woods once more. Soft winds breathed silently in my face. And I blessed the winds because they touched my face; I told them that I blessed them; my very blood sang in my veins for thankfulness. ?sop laid one paw on my knee.

You can see for yourself — twice hit. We shot it this morning when we went out.” And he turned the beast over and showed her the two bullet wounds, both that in the flank and that in the head. That’s where mine went,” he said, pointing to the side — in his idiotic fashion he wanted me to have the credit of having shot it in the head. I did not trouble to correct him; I said nothing. After that, Glahn began treating the natives with rice beer — gave them any amount of it, as many as cared to drink.

Stand here, Diderik, and keep guard; keep watch; I will let this huntsman tie my shoestring.”

Edwarda sent me a message to say she had heard of my misfortune and that she offered me, on her father’s behalf, a room at Sirilund. Edwarda touched! Edwarda generous! I sent no answer. Thank Heaven, I was no longer without shelter, and it gave me a proud joy to make no answer to Edwarda’s offer. I met her on the road, with the Baron; they were walking arm in arm. I looked them both in the face and bowed as I passed. She stopped, and asked:


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