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"They just look in once," said Bella. "They just flash a lantern round, they don't really look."

"Will I need my armor? We shall be swifter without it." "No," she said. "I'm certain of that, lorek. Thank you, Lord Faa, and I promise I'll do just as you say."

It was tempting. Lyra had been walking for an hour now, and it was cold and damp. With Pantalaimon a sparrow, she went up to the counter and reached up to gain the owner's attention.

"But where are you going?"

"I'm a putting you under Farder Coram's wing. Don't you be a trouble or a hazard to him, or you'll be a feeling the force of my wrath. Now cut along and explain to Ma Costa, and hold yourself in readiness to leave."

"I made it myself in Nova Zembla from sky metal. Until I did that, I was incomplete."

The bear said, "Ride on me," and crouched to offer his broad back, and half-clinging, half-falling, she managed to stay on while he took her to a steep hollow, where many bears were assembled.

"Sleep well?" she said, reaching for a frying pan. "Now sit down out the way and I'll make ye some breakfast. Don't stand about; there en't room."


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