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Could you convince them that you had no part in any of these crimes?” asked the boy. I know that you didn't; but could you prove it to a mob?”

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Well,” said the man, let's take one another at face value for a while, without digging too deep into the past; and now for our plans. This wood will be searched; but I don't see how we are to get out of it before dark as the roads are doubtless pretty well patrolled, or at least every farmer is on the lookout for suspicious strangers. So we might as well make the best of it here for the rest of the day. I think we're reasonably safe for the time being—if we keep Willie with us.”

I don't,” replied the man.

So you sees,” went on Columbus Blackie, we got a chanct to get both the dame and The Kid. Two of us can take her to Oakdale an' claim the reward her old man's offerin' an' de odder two can frisk de Kid, an'—an'—.”

Well,” said the guard, with a shrug of his shoulders, it's up to you guys. If you want to hang, why hang and be damned. We'll do the best we can 'cause it's our duty to protect you; but I guess at that hangin's too good fer you, an' we ain't a-goin' to get shot keepin' you from gettin' it.”

It's the bear,” shrilled Willie Case, and ran toward the automobile.

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