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  Every day I listened raptly to customers who felt like talking, and it all added to my education. Myears soaked it up like sponges when one of them, in a rare burst of confidence, or a little beyond hisusual number of drinks, would tell me inside things about the particular form of hustling that hepursued as a way of life. I was thus schooled well, by experts in such hustles as the numbers, pimping,con games of many kinds, peddling dope, and thievery of all sorts, including armed robbery.

  The more I have thought about it, to this day I believe she was only putting on an act. Because womenknow. They know.

  It was in his role as a preacher that my father had most contact with the Negroes of Lansing. Believeme when I tell you that those Negroes were in bad shape then. They are still in bad shape-though in adifferent way. By that I mean that I don't know a town with a higher percentage of complacent andmisguided so-called "middle-class" Negroes-the typical status-symbol-oriented, integration-seekingtype of Negroes. Just recently, I was standing in a lobby at the United Nations talking with an Africanambassador and his wife, when a Negro came up to me and said, "You know me?" I was a littleembarrassed because I thought he was someone I should remember. It turned out that he was one ofthose bragging, self-satisfied, "middle-class" Lansing Negroes. I wasn't ingratiated. He was the typewho would never have been associated with Africa, until the fad of having African friends became astatus-symbol for "middle-class" Negroes.

  Nobody had ever heard of a traveling reefer peddler.

  And finally I signed up to fight Bill Peterson again. This time, the bouts were held in his hometown ofAlma, Michigan.

There was the knocking at the door. Sammy, lying on his bed in pajamas and a bathrobe, called"Who?"When West Indian Archie answered, Sammy slid the round, two-sided shaving mirror under the bed,with what little of the cocaine powder-or crystals, actually-was left, and I opened the door.

  Our mother was smiling when they brought her out. She was extremely surprised when she saw Ella.

  The streets are filled with the incoming pilgrims from all over the world. The prayers are to Allah andverses from the Quran are on the lips of everyone. Never have I seen such a beautiful sight, norwitnessed such a scene, nor felt such an atmosphere. Although I am excited, I feel safe and secure,thousands of miles from the totally different life that I have known. Imagine that twenty-four hoursago, I was in the fourth-floor room over the airport, surrounded by people with whom I could notcommunicate, feeling uncertain about the future, and very lonely, and then _one_ phone call,following Dr. Shawarbi's instructions. I have met one of the most powerful men in the Muslim world.


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