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Then it were better that I die than do your bidding, for all Englishmen are pigs and I loathe them as becomes a gentleman of France. I do not uncover my body to the eyes of swine.”

The little army was divided into ten companies of one hundred men, each company captained by a fighter of proven worth and ability.

Henry de Montfort,” said Norman of Torn, turning to his visitor, we of Torn bear no savory name, that I know full well, but no man may say that we unsheath our swords against women. Your sister is not here. I give you the word of honor of Norman of Torn. Is it not enough?”

My camp lies without the city's gates, and your messenger will have safe conduct whatever reply he bears to,

Bring ten men, beside yourself, Shandy,” commanded Norman of Torn. We shall pay a little visit upon our amorous friend, My Lord, the Earl of Buckingham.”

Both turned to discover a mail-clad figure standing in the doorway where Norman of Torn had first appeared.

No,” said the old man, and doubtless his adventure is of a nature in line with thy puerile and effeminate teachings. Had he followed my training, without thy accurst priestly interference, he had made an iron-barred nest in Torn for many of the doves of thy damned English nobility. An' thou leave him not alone, he will soon be seeking service in the household of the King.”

So it was that they set out that night upon their long journey north toward the hills of Derby. For many days they travelled, riding upon two small donkeys. Strange sights filled the days for the little boy who remembered nothing outside the bare attic of his London home and the dirty London alleys that he had traversed only by night.


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