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"Mother is in London at present; she is away on special business. She is ever so sorry to be absent to-night."

Nora's voice had sunk to a hoarse whisper, and Kitty's terrors and her certain fears that Nora was about to die became greater than ever.

"She left Lavender House a good many years ago; what of her?" exclaimed Mrs. Willis; "the fact is, I have quite lost sight of her."

"But it's my ring," said Annie in great distress. "You'll give it back to me now when I ask for it?"

"Yes, thank you. He is in London with mother."

"Boris, you are incorrigible!" exclaimed Jane. "You lose all your conduct marks for the week, and must stay indoors for an hour and learn a piece of poetry after lessons."

"But she was naughty when she was my age, wasn't she?"


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