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What else was it that tried to force its way above the threshold of his bruised and wavering memory? Words? Words of love? And lips pressed to his? No, it must be but a figment of his wounded brain.

The Devil of Torn! How that name froze the hearts of the assembled guests.

A bridle for thy tongue, my friend,” replied Norman of Torn, were in better taste than a halter for my neck. But come, let us see what the King writes to his friend, the Outlaw of Torn.”

No place would seem fearsome now,” she answered simply, were there a light to show me that the brave face of Roger de Conde were by my side.”

The girl turned toward him, the laugh still playing on her lips.

I am Richard de Tany of Essex,” said the oldest knight, he who had first spoken, and these be my daughter and her friend, Mary de Stutevill. We are upon our way from London to my castle. What would you of us? Name your price, if it can be paid with honor, it shall be paid; only let us go our way in peace. We cannot hope to resist the Devil of Torn, for we be but ten lances. If ye must have blood, at least let the women go unharmed.”

The two girls sat rigid in their saddles watching the encounter, the eyes of Joan de Tany alight with the fire of battle as she followed every move of the wondrous swordplay of Roger de Conde.

At length, after tiresome days upon the road, they came to a little hamlet in the hills. Here the donkeys were disposed of and a great horse purchased, upon which the two rode far up into a rough and uninviting country away from the beaten track, until late one evening they approached a ruined castle.


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