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"Oh, what we going to do, Will?" she said. "What we going to do? You're hurt so bad, and that poor old man… I hate this place, I really do, I'd burn it to the ground. What we going to do now?"

"Well… that wouldn't be confidential. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anyway, because I don't know."

"You won't see anything. Anyway, I'm tired. It's too complicated."

"Nor do I," she said, "and I can't imagine what it might be. What do you think he's intending, Dr. Lanselius?"

"You don't think he told me, do you, Serafina Pekkala? I'm his manservant, that's all. I clean his clothes and cook his meals and keep his house tidy. I may have learned a thing or two in the years I been with his lordship, but only by picking 'em up accidental. He wouldn't confide in me any more than in his shaving mug."

"As you wish," said Sir Charles, and the car moved on. "When, or if, you get the knife, call my number and Allan will come to pick you up."

"We'll have to go in the front, then," said Will. He climbed the steps and pushed the door wide. Sunlight struck in, and the heavy hinges creaked. He took a step or two inside, and seeing no one, went in farther. Lyra followed close behind. The floor was made of flagstones worn smooth over centuries, and the air inside was cool. Will looked at a flight of steps going downward, and went far enough down to see that it opened into a wide, low-ceilinged room with an immense coal furnace at one end, where the plaster walls were black with soot; but there was no one there, and he went up to the entrance hall again, where he found Lyra with her finger to her lips, looking up.

"Maybe so…"


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