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where the hookah come from

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Several days later, the little old woman called the child to her.

You have fought well this day, Norman of Torn,” replied De Montfort. Verily do I believe we owe our victory to you alone; so do not mar the record of a noble deed by wanton acts of atrocity.”

Not so,” cried the oldest of the knights. Simon de Montfort works for England's weal alone—and methinks, nay knowest, that he would be first to spring to arms to save the throne for Henry. He but fights the King's rank and covetous advisers, and though he must needs seem to defy the King himself, it be but to save his tottering power from utter collapse. But, gad, how the King hates him. For a time it seemed that there might be a permanent reconciliation when, for years after the disappearance of the little Prince Richard, De Montfort devoted much of his time and private fortune to prosecuting a search through all the world for the little fellow, of whom he was inordinately fond. This self-sacrificing interest on his part won over the King and Queen for many years, but of late his unremitting hostility to their continued extravagant waste of the national resources has again hardened them toward him.”

Slowly but surely was Norman of Torn cutting Peter of Colfax to pieces; little by little, and with such fiendish care that, except for loss of blood, the man was in no way crippled; nor did the outlaw touch his victim's face with his gleaming sword. That he was saving for the fulfillment of his design.

And so the Outlaw of Torn and his mother met and parted after a period of twenty years.

He will return,” was the outlaw's only comment, when he had been fully convinced that the Baron had escaped.

Lest some unforeseen chance should prevent the accomplishment of our meeting, My Lord Earl, I send thee this by one who knoweth not either its contents or the suspicions which I will narrate herein.

An hour later, the old man of Torn dismounted before the cottage of Father Claude and entered.


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