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When Jobs took over and gave his pep talk, Ive decided to stick around. But Jobs at first looked around for a world-class designer from the outside. He talked to Richard Sapper, who designed the IBM ThinkPad, and Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed the Ferrari 250 and the Maserati Ghibli. But then he took a tour of Apple’s design studio and bonded with the affable, eager, and very earnest Ive. We discussed approaches to forms and materials,” Ive recalled. We were on the same wavelength. I suddenly understood why I loved the company.”

At the 2006 Macworld, in front of a slide of him and Wozniak from thirty years earlier

Even then Jobs continued at times to warp the reality around him. He finally told us on the board,” Arthur Rock recalled, but he kept insisting that there was a large probability that he wasn’t the father. He was delusional.” He told a reporter for Time, Michael Moritz, that when you analyzed the statistics, it was clear that 28% of the male population in the United States could be the father.” It was not only a false claim but an odd one. Worse yet, when Chrisann Brennan later heard what he said, she mistakenly thought that Jobs was hyperbolically claiming that she might have slept with 28% of the men in the United States. He was trying to paint me as a slut or a whore,” she recalled. He spun the whore image onto me in order to not take responsibility.”


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