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Such are the points in debate between the Jesuits and the Jansenists; and my next object was to ascertain the doctrine of the New Thomists. It is rather an odd one,” he said; they agree with the Jesuits in admitting a sufficient grace given to all men; but they maintain, at the same time, that no man can act with this grace alone, but that, in order to do this, he must receive from God an efficacious grace which really determines his will to the action, and which God does not grant to all men.” So that, according to this doctrine,” said I, this grace is sufficient without being sufficient.” Exactly so,” he replied; for if it suffices, there is no need of anything more for acting; and if it does not suffice, why — it is not sufficient.”

I assure you, sir, it has filled me with astonishment. I expected to find it condemning the most shocking heresy in the world, but your wonder will equal mine, when informed that these alarming preparations, when on the point of producing the grand effect anticipated, have all ended in smoke.

Your two letters have not been confined to me. Everybody has seen them, everybody understands them, and everybody believes them. They are not only in high repute among theologians — they have proved agreeable to men of the world, and intelligible even to the ladies.


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