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Holly spun on her heels, racing for the other side of the hotel. In her heart she knew she was too late, and the realization hit her that Opal had set her up again. There never was any hope of rescuing Artemis, just as there never had been any chance of rescuing the commander.

‘There, said Root.

Holly turned toward the dwarf, then kept right on turning. Yes. So what And for heaven’s sake close the door.”

Overhead, a block of iridescent blue light flashed from his hotel window. It lit the sky for a split second, its belly busy with even brighter blue flares that wriggled like hooked worms. No one would pay much attention; the light could easily have been from an oversized camera flash. But Artemis knew better.

Opal stretched out on the sofa like a cat in the sunlight. Good, this is turning out to be a lovely day. Now, send for the surgeon.”

‘What are you looking for asked Root.

Instead he grabbed the teenager by the scruff of the neck and hoisted him onto his own back.


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