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  Was this day at Nottingham; the forenoon meeting was especially, through divinelove, a heart-tendering season. Next day I had a meeting in a Friend's family,which, through the strengthening arm of the Lord, was a time to be thankfullyremembered.

  Perceiving there was a man near the door I went out; the man had a tomahawkwrapped under his match-coat out of sight. As I approached him he took it inhis hand; I went forward, and, speaking to him in a friendly way, perceived heunderstood some English. My companion joining me, we had some talk with himconcerning the nature of our visit in these parts; he then went into the housewith us, and, talking with our guides, soon appeared friendly, sat down and smoked his pipe. Though taking his hatchet in his hand at the instant I drewnear to him had a disagreeable appearance, I believe he had no other intentthan to be in readiness in case any violence were offered to him.


  Seventeenth of Fifth Month and first of the week. -- We had a meeting in thecabin, to which the seamen generally came. My spirit was contrite before theLord, whose love at this time affected my heart. In the afternoon I felt atender sympathy of soul with my poor wife and family left behind, in whichstate my heart was enlarged in desires that they may walk in that humbleobedience wherein the everlasting Father may be their guide and support throughall their difficulties in this world; and a sense of that gracious assistance,through which my mind hath been strengthened to take up the cross and leavethem to travel in the love of truth, hath begotten thankfulness in my heart toour great Helper.

有 些朋友似乎对我存着畏避的态度,使我觉得为了实行福音之爱我应当前往访问这些朋友中的一人,由于这种感觉,我想私下前往见他,和他谈话。终于我到了他家, 告诉他我愿意有机会单独和他谈话,他同意了,于是我们以敬畏主的心找出了他之以畏避我的原因。我们谈了许多话,相信对彼此均有助益,感谢主为我开路。

  My own will and desires were now very much broken, and my heart was with muchearnestness turned to the Lord, to whom alone I looked for help in the dangersbefore me. I had a prospect of the English along the coast for upwards of ninehundred miles where I travelled, and their favourable situation and thedifficulties attending the natives as well as the negroes in many places were open before me. A weighty and heavenly care came over my mind, and love filledmy heart towards all mankind, in which I felt a strong engagement that we mightbe obedient to the Lord while in tender mercy He is yet calling to us, and thatwe might so attend to pure universal righteousness as to give no just cause ofoffence to the Gentiles, who do not profess Christianity, whether they be theblacks from Africa, or the native inhabitants of this continent.


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