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A messenger he indeed proved to be, for after casting a furtive look, not unmingled with surprise and suspicion, at his brother redskin, he opened a small bag which hung at his girdle, and delivered to McLeod senior a very dirty-looking letter.

Well, that needn’t trouble you,” returned Roderick, for you’ve only to explain the mistakes and confess your haste.”

At Jenkins Creek—that creek is the boundary,” answered the fur-trader. On which side of the creek have they begun to build the mill?”

I knew she would come,” said her father, patting the girl’s head tenderly, but didn’t expect her quite so soon.”

Not needful,” replied the trapper, you know I’m used to bein’ alone an’ managin’ things for myself. After you get them up you may send down a couple of men with some provisions and their hatchets. For to-night I can make the poor fellow all snug with the tarpaulin of your boat.”


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