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Hans was right. The powerful trektow” stood the enormous strain, and the equally powerful waggon groaned and jolted up the stony steep until it had nearly gained the top, when an unfortunate drop of the right front wheel into a deep hollow, combined with an unlucky and simultaneous elevation of the left back wheel by a stone, turned the vehicle completely over on its side. The hoops of the tilt were broken, and much of the lading was deposited in a hollow beside the waggon, but a few of the lighter and smaller articles went hopping, or, according to Sandy Black, stottin’” down the slope, and were smashed to atoms at the bottom.

The sentence was cut short by a wild war-cry, which was immediately followed by shouts of men and screams of women.

And where is Mrs Brook?” asked Considine.

Chapter Sixteen.

I say, Charlie,” called out Hans, there must be a lion in the vley there. I’ve got the spoor. Come here.”


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