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But to return to my story. It transpired afterwards that Miss Maitland had had no intention of giving Ernest in charge when she ran out of Mrs. Jupp’s house. She was running away because she was frightened, but almost the first person whom she ran against had happened to be a policeman of a serious turn of mind, who wished to gain a reputation for activity. He stopped her, questioned her, frightened her still more, and it was he rather than Miss Maitland who insisted on giving my hero in charge to himself and another constable.

John,” said my hero, gasping for breath, are you sure of what you say — are you quite sure you really married her?”

You never brought down Figgins when you were at Roughborough; now I should have thought Figgins would have been just the kind of boy whom you might have asked to come and see us.”

If you like it,” said I, I will say all your family are horrid except yourself and your Aunt Alethea. The greater part of every family is always odious; if there are one or two good ones in a very large family, it is as much as can be expected.”

To myself he has been a son and more than a son; at times I am half afraid — as for example when I talk to him about his books — that I may have been to him more like a father than I ought; if I have, I trust he has forgiven me. His books are the only bone of contention between us. I want him to write like other people, and not to offend so many his readers; he says he can no more change his manner of writing than the colour of his hair and that he must write as he does or not at all.

Ellen at first would not hear of taking anything from him, but the coachman, who was from the north country, sided with Ernest. Take it, my lass,” he said kindly; take what thou canst get whiles thou canst get it; as for Master Ernest here — he has run well after thee; therefore let him give thee what he is minded.”


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