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Was he?” said Burgess. Had too long a spell, I expect. I’ll send him back to work to-morrow.”

Get on!” said Troke, rumbling oaths beneath his breath, and Dawes felt his newly-riveted chain tug. It was some time since he had been in a chain-gang, and the sudden jerk nearly overbalanced him. He caught at his neighbour, and looking up, met a pair of black eyes which gleamed recognition. His neighbour was John Rex. Mr. North, watching them, was struck by the resemblance the two men bore to each other. Their height, eyes, hair, and complexion were similar. Despite the difference in name they might be related. They might be brothers,” thought he. Poor devils! I never knew a prisoner refuse tobacco before.” And he looked on the ground for the despised portion. But in vain. John Rex, oppressed by no foolish sentiment, had picked it up and put it in his mouth.

The George Hotel, Plymouth,” 17th April, 1846.

The sight of the blood, together with the exclamation of his victim, recalled Grimes to consciousness. He looked in bewilderment at the bloody weapon, and then, flinging it from him, rushed away towards the sea, into which he plunged headlong.

He spoke recklessly and roughly. It was evident that success had but developed his ruffianism. His dandyism” was only comparative. The impulse of poverty and scheming which led him to affect the gentleman” having been removed, the natural brutality of his nature showed itself quite freely. Mr. Francis Wade took a pinch of snuff with a sharp motion of distaste. I do not want to hear of your debaucheries,” he said; our name has been sufficiently disgraced in my hearing.”

It’s rather a long invitation,” said Vickers, always well disposed to anyone who praised his daughter, but if you’ve nothing better to do, come and dine with us on Christmas Day, Mr. Meekin. We usually have a little gathering then.”

And you recognized me?”

This agreeable chatter about scandal and climate seemed a strange contrast to the grave-yard island and the men who were prisoners for life. Perhaps Sylvia thought so, for she struck a few chords, which, compelling the party, out of sheer politeness, to cease talking for the moment, caused the conversation to flag, and hinted to Mr. Meekin that it was time for him to depart.


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