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babylon hookah on a plane

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‘Oh, I’ll just bet you can. But, strangely, I have a premonition that your explanation is going to cut no ice with me whatsoever, and I will have your badge in my drawer by the end of this shift.’

Spiro nodded. He didn’t want his very own technological genie growing the personality of a gorilla.

Juliet’s voice sounded in her earpiece.

Spiro was waiting for them at O’ Hare’s private hangar. He wore a fur-collared greatcoat over his trademark white suit. Halogen lamps blasted the tarmac, and the downdraught from the chopper blades snagged his coat tails. It was all very cinematic.

‘Oh no. After the way I just insulted your intelligence No, I deserve something special.’

Juliet pressed the button.



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