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Plain sailing, fair weather, perpetual calm and sunshine are not the lot of any man or woman here.

Pedro laughed. So he does, senhorina; but when the rescue of captive women and children is in the case, he holds fighting to be a duty, as you are aware. But I must go now,” continued Pedro, becoming grave and earnest as he took the girl’s hand. Words can never express my feelings towards you and your father, dear Manuela. Indeed I have never been in the habit of saying much—least of all when I have felt much. Mariquita and I will bless you both to the latest hour of our lives. Adieu. We meet in the morning at the house in which you are staying—Lawrence has named it the house with the rustic porch—and we start from there. You are all ready, I suppose?”

The storm happily was short-lived, and when the sun appeared, enabling them to dry their garments, and a good breakfast had been eaten, the discomforts of the past night were forgotten, and Quashy even ceased to growl at the skeeters” and lament his double nose.

Ob coorse, massa. Don’ you see, if dey wasn’t fools dey wouldn’t fight; ’cause fightin’ can’t prove nuffin’, an’ it can’t do nuffin’, ’cep’ waste life an’ money. No doubt,” added the negro, with a meditative gaze at the ground, when rubbers come at a feller he’s boun’ to fight, for why? he can’t help it; or when Red Injin savages—”


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