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  "From Lisbon to the famous city of Quisay [Hang-tcheou-fou, then thecapital of China] if you take the direct route toward the West, the distancewill be thirty-nine hundred miles. And from Antilia to Japan it will be twohundred and twenty-five leagues." Toscanelli says again, "You see that thevoyage that you wish to attempt is much legs difficult than would bethought. You would be sure of this if you met as many people as I do whohave been in the country of spices."While there were so many suggestions made that it would be possibleto cross the Atlantic, there was one man who determined to do this. Thisman was Christopher Columbus. But he knew well that he could not do italone. He must have money enough for an expedition, he must haveauthority to enlist crews for that expedition, and he must have power togovern those crews when they should arrive in the Indies. In our timessuch adventures have been conducted by mercantile corporations, but inthose times no one thought of doing any such thing without the directassistance and support of some monarch.

  The same day they saw weeds which he was sure were land weeds.

  Meanwhile, all wishes on his part to continue his discoveries werefutile, while he was engaged in the almost hopeless duty of reconcilingvarious adventurers and conciliating people who had no interests but theirown. In Spain, his enemies were doing everything in their power toundermine his reputation. His statements were read more and more coldly,and at last, on the twenty-first and twenty-sixth of May, 1499, letters werewritten to him instructing him to deliver into the hands of Bobadilla, a newcommandant, all the fortresses any ships, houses and other royal propertywhich he held, and to give faith and obedience to any instructions given by Bobadilla. That is to say, Bobadilla was sent out as a commander who wasto take precedence of every one on the spot. He was an officer of the royalhousehold, probably a favorite at court, and was selected for the difficulttask of reconciling all difficulties, and bringing the new colony into loyalallegiance to the crown. He sailed for San Domingo in the middle of July,1500, and arrived on the twenty-third of August.

  "It grows here in this island, but for a short time I could not believe itat all. And there is found here also the gold which they wear hanging totheir noses; but so as not to lose time I mean to go to see whether I canreach the island of Cipango.

  Columbus himself thought it best to take as many men as he could intothe mountain region. He left the new city under the care of his brother,Diego, and with all the force of healthy men which he could muster,making a little army of nearly five hundred men, he marched away fromthe sickly seaboard into the interior. The simple natives were astonishedby the display of cavalry and other men in armor. After a few days of adelightful march, in the beauty of spring in that country, he entered uponthe long sought Cibao. He relinquished his first idea of founding anothercity here, but did build a fortress called St. Thomas, in joking reference toCedo and others, who had asserted that these regions produced no gold.

  The natives told him that if he would keep on he would find anotherbay which they called Arburarno, which is supposed to be the LagunaChiriqui. They said the people, of that country, lived in the mountains.

  This method of applying Columbus's words in detail to refute each ofthe alleged tracks, and the study that I gave to the subject in the winter of1878-79 in the Bahamas, which has been familiar cruising ground to me,has resulted in the selection of Samana or Atwood's Key for the firstlanding place.

  They left San Martin on the same day, and passed the island of SantaCruz, and the next day (November 15) they saw a great number of islands,which the Admiral named Santa Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins.


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