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  Between the English settlements and Wehaloosing we had only a narrow path,which in many places is much grown up with bushes, and interrupted by abundanceof trees lying across it. These, together with the mountain swamps and roughstones, make it a difficult road to travel, and the more so becauserattlesnakes abound here, of which we killed four. People who have never beenin such places have but an imperfect idea of them; and I was not only taughtpatience, but also made thankful to God, who thus led about and instructed me,that I might have a quick and lively feeling of the afflictions of my fellow-creatures, whose situation in life is difficult.

  Near the conclusion of the meeting for business, way opened in the pureflowings of divine love for me to express what lay upon me, which, as it thenarose in my mind, was first to show how deep answers to deep in the hearts ofthe sincere and upright; though, in their different growths, they may not allhave attained to the same clearness in some points relating to our testimony.

  And, dearly beloved friends, seeing that we have these promises, andbelieve that God is beginning to fulfil them, let us constantly endeavour tohave our minds sufficiently disentangled from the surfeiting cares of thislife, and redeemed from the love of the world, that no earthly possessions norenjoyments may bias our judgments, or turn us from that resignation and entiretrust in God to which His blessing is most surely annexed; then may we say,"Our Redeemer is mighty, he will plead our cause for us" (Jer. l. 34). And if,for the further promoting of His most gracious purposes in the earth, He shouldgive us to taste of that bitter cup of which His faithful ones have oftenpartaken, O that we might be rightly prepared to receive it!

  ON the 8th of Sixth Month, 1772, we landed at London, and I went straightway tothe Yearly Meeting of ministers and elders, which had been gathered, I suppose,about half an hour.(1)In this meeting my mind was humbly contrite. In the afternoon the meeting forbusiness was opened, which by adjournments held near a week. In these meetingsI often felt a living concern for the establishment of Friends in the pure lifeof truth. My heart was enlarged in the meetings of ministers, that forbusiness, and in several meetings for public worship, and I felt my mind unitedin true love to the faithful labourers now gathered at this Yearly Meeting. Onthe 15th I went to a Quarterly Meeting at Hertford.

我 又往宾夕尼亚参加西部季会。在会期中那几天我蒙保守,存着一种追求真理的感觉。在公共事工方面则叫我自觉卑微,这样我颇为满足。在崇拜的季会结束后,我又 觉得愿意前往参加妇女的事务会议,这会人数颇多。在这里,耶稣基督的谦卑——可作为我们行为的指针——活现在我面前,当我讲论它的时候,我的爱心增加;这 真是圣灵浇灌之时。从这地方我又往康科得,密陀镇,普洛否腾,哈顿菲得等地参加聚会,然后返家,见家人俱皆平安。主在这次旅行中慈爱地保守我,使我不禁生 恭敬感谢之心。

  Men and women have many times scarcely clothes sufficient to hide theirnakedness, and boys and girls ten and twelve years old are often quite naked amongst their master's children. Some of our Society, and some of the societycalled Newlights, use some endeavours to instruct those they have in reading;but in common this is not only neglected, but disapproved. These are the peopleby whose labour the other inhabitants are in a great measure supported, andmany of them in the luxuries of life. These are the people who have made noagreement to serve us, and who have not forfeited their liberty that we knowof. These are the souls for whom Christ died, and for our conduct towards themwe must answer before Him who is no respecter of persons. They who know theonly true God, and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, and are thus acquainted withthe merciful, benevolent, gospel spirit, will therein perceive that theindignation of God is kindled against oppression and cruelty, and in beholdingthe great distress of so numerous a people will find cause for mourning.

  Had he endowed men with understanding to prevent this disease (the smallpox)by means which had never proved hurtful nor mortal, such a discovery might beconsidered as the period of chastisement by this distemper, where thatknowledge extended.(1) But as life and health are His gifts, and are not to be disposed of in our own wills, to take upon us by inoculation when in health adisorder of which some die, requires great clearness of knowledge that it isour duty to do so.

祂 既然是全能全智和全善,我相信祂曾指定人必须以若干劳动来换取今生所需要的,若能善于分配,则时间必够应用。只是我们不可追求奢侈,或违背了祂的智慧去追 逐财富,若如此,不免要沾染了那种压迫别人的作风,且导向于好大喜功,善于争闹的境地,这样,不同党派都要求特殊权利,国家遂常陷入于灾难中。


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