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  Fifth of Fifth Month, 1768. -- I left home under the humbling hand of theLord, with a certificate to visit some meetings in Maryland, and to proceedwithout a horse seemed clearest to me. I was at the Quarterly Meetings atPhiladelphia and Concord, whence I proceeded to Chester River, and, crossingthe bay, was at the Yearly Meeting at West River; I then returned to ChesterRiver, and, taking a few meetings in my way, proceeded home. It was a journeyof much inward waiting, and as my eye was to the Lord, way was several timesopened to my humbling admiration when things appeared very difficult. On myreturn I felt a very comfortable relief of mind, having through divine helplaboured in much plainness, both with Friends selected and in the more publicmeetings, so that I trust the pure witness in many minds was reached.

  About eleven at night I went out on the deck. The sea wrought exceedingly,and the high, foaming waves round about had in some sort the appearance offire, but did not give much if any light. The sailor at the helm said he latelysaw a corposant at the head of the mast. I observed that the master of the shipordered the carpenter to keep on the deck; and, though he said little, Iapprehended his care was that the carpenter with his axe might be in readinessin case of any emergency. Soon after this the vehemency of the wind abated, andbefore morning they again put the ship under sail.

梦 中我正在海外作宗教访问,出门已经两个多月了;我所访问那国家的人民此时和某邻国人民正因海外利益的冲突而争斗起来,双方都在准备作全面战争。我心想这两 个国家间未为海洋所隔断,只有陆地界线,且邻国元首所住地方距此只有一日的路程。这时我心中既为这战争风声所困扰,因此盼望前往会见这邻国首领,劝他停止 争战,对两国间冲突的原因作更进一步的调查研究,力求妥协,避免流血惨局。这样决定后我立即动身,有一位向导和我同行。我们在林中走了一些时候,看见一些 人在劳作,都带着枪杆。我即上前走近他们,他们一发见我们从敌方地带过来,立即拿起枪干,准备向我们开火;这时我赶快上前,举起双手,表示我手中没有武 器。于是我和他们握手,说明我来此目的,他们听了似乎都很愉快。可是当我和他们谈话之时,我的向导忽然拿出一把小枪(我原不知道他有这枪),幸而他们已知 道了我们的来意,所以并未开火。这以后我再也没有看见那向导。这时他们当中有人表示愿意带我往见他们的首领,我们立即动身,经过东南部森林中的一条小径, 又涉过池沼;途中这新向导(他会说一些英语)告诉我当我见到他们首领之时,务须言无不尽,说出心中的话,并说他们在聚会中的敬礼乃是彼此交谈,而不是握 手。终于我们来到那首领的屋前,这人大概是统率本国军队和掌管政务的人,但非国王。他的屋子不和其他屋子杂在一起,屋前有一个美丽花园,种着绿色芸香;我 就在花园中站着,等待向导进去通报。我正独自站着思想这些事情,忽见向导出来,走近我身旁,告诉我他忘记了通知我首领要请我吃饭的事。不久首领也跟着出 来,他已知道我来见他的目的,对我表示友善的态度,我正待向他说话之时忽然醒了过来。

年会指派代表 耶那尔,马赛,邱吉曼,斯卡布洛,菲儿洛因,伊凡士,柏克等七人签署。

  In this part of our journey I had many thoughts on the differentcircumstances of Friends who inhabit Pennsylvania and Jersey from those whodwell in Maryland, Virginia, and Carolina. Pennsylvania and New Jersey weresettled by Friends who were convinced of our principles in England in times ofsuffering; these, coming over, bought lands of the natives, and applied tohusbandry in a peaceable way, and many of their children were taught to labourfor their living. Few of these, I believe, settled in any of the southernprovinces; but by the faithful labours of travelling Friends in early timesthere was considerable convincement among the inhabitants of these parts. Ialso remembered having read of the warlike disposition of many of the firstsettlers in those provinces, and of their numerous engagements with the nativesin which much blood was shed even in the infancy of the colonies. Some of thepeople inhabiting those places, being grounded in customs contrary to the puretruth, were affected with the powerful preaching of the Word of Life and joinedin fellowship with our Society, and in so doing they had a great work to gothrough.

我 有几件染了颜色的衣服还颇可穿,我想最好穿到有新衣服代替的时候。有些朋友以为我戴这种帽子不过是故作新奇;那些以友善态度向我提起这事的人我就略加解 释,告诉他们我戴这种帽子并非出于自己意思。有时我觉得那种情面友谊对我是危险的;现在许多朋友对我都觉不满,我想这是神对我的慈爱。我原存意要对一些好 友说明我这样做的理由,可是详细考虑之后又认为不必,相信目前误会乃神意所定,对我是有益的,并相信只要我站定立场,主在祂的时候必为我开启朋友们的心。 从那时以后我更知道仰望主的良善及慈爱,祂在我们的一些聚会中带领引导我,并叫我的爱心增加。

  Things that served chiefly to please the vain mind in people, I was not easy totrade in; seldom did it; and whenever I did I found it weaken me as aChristian.

  After this sickness I spake not in public meetings for worship for nearly oneyear, but my mind was very often in company with the oppressed slaves as I satin meetings; and though under his dispensation I was shut up from speaking, yetthe spring of the gospel ministry was many times livingly opened in me, and thedivine gift operated by abundance of weeping, in feeling the oppression of thispeople. It being so long since I passed through this dispensation, and thematter remaining fresh and lively in my mind, I believe it safest for me tocommit it to writing.


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