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Mulch threw on a robe he had fashioned from old potato sacks. He found the texture of the cloth, reminiscent of Haven Penitentiary pyjamas, to be weirdly comforting. He gave his beard a quick comb to dislodge any straggling beetles, and answered the door.

Artemis lowered his eyes. He could not bring himself to look at the LEP elf.

‘No!’ shouted Artemis, staggering backwards.

‘On what’

Holly wrapped the cam foil tightly round Artemis, making certain no limbs were peeking out. It was imperative they leave while the lift was empty. Once forensics and the press got there, even a slight shimmer in the air might be caught on film.

‘You like ‘em I got other sets too. One is all flat. For crushing stuff.’

‘Hold on, Domovoi,’ whispered Artemis, closing the freezer drawer.

Root laughed so hard that it seemed the screen was shaking.


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