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"If you don't know it, I do, my dear brother, that the Southern Confederacy has sent out agents to buy up all the suitable vessels they can find, to do duty as cruisers and privateers. You are almost 155 sure to be captured, and think what Florry would suffer in such an event."

The involuntary guest on board was conducted to the cabin.

Percy seemed to be overcome by this statement, and Christy thought there was something more of his story than he had told on board of the Bellevite. It was possible, after all, that Major Pierson was not as much of a brute as be had appeared to be. But, if his companion was a 187 deserter, he certainly did not come under that head himself, and he could not understand why he had been arrested.

"Father thought, or at least he feared, that you might not like to leave the South," added Christy.

There must be a motive for such a singular step. Of course the passage of the boat had been closely observed, and the starting up of the screw of the Leopard had been duly noted. As the tug came near the long-boat, the latter had fired upon it. This must have been seen; and the question naturally would come up as to why those in the boat fired upon their own people in the Leopard.


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