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She didn't have long to wait. The children in their different dormitories were woken at half-past seven by the nurses who looked after them. They washed and dressed and went with the others to the canteen for breakfast.

"They won't let him, will they?" she said to Pantalaimon. "There's too many of 'em. I wish I was a witch, Pan, then you could go off and find him and take messages and all, and we could make a proper plan...."

"Except when Mrs. Coulter comes," said Annie.

"They're a talking to the sysselman. That's their word for governor. You seen this bear, then, Lyra?"

"It's coming down," said Lord Asriel, "but it isn't light. It's Dust."

She dressed quickly and went through the door at the end to find herself in the cabin with the stove, where it was warm.

"Yes. It'll create less fuss than moving to the lecture theater. They'll want to see the specimens too; I'll send for the Porter in a minute. This is a bad time, Stelmaria."

"Aren't I going after all?" Lyra asked.


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