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  He found little to gratify him, however. Ovando, had ruled the poor natives with a rod of iron, and they were wretched. Columbus's ownaffairs had been neglected, and he could gain no relief from the governor.

  Columbus himself thought it best to take as many men as he could intothe mountain region. He left the new city under the care of his brother,Diego, and with all the force of healthy men which he could muster,making a little army of nearly five hundred men, he marched away fromthe sickly seaboard into the interior. The simple natives were astonishedby the display of cavalry and other men in armor. After a few days of adelightful march, in the beauty of spring in that country, he entered uponthe long sought Cibao. He relinquished his first idea of founding anothercity here, but did build a fortress called St. Thomas, in joking reference toCedo and others, who had asserted that these regions produced no gold.

  The Indians had not that confidence in Columbus which they once had.

  He remembered an old vow that he had undertaken, that, within sevenyears of the time of his discovery, he would furnish fifty thousand footsoldiers and five thousand horsemen for the recovery of the HolySepulchre. He now arranged in order prophecies from the Holy Scripture,passages from the writings of the Fathers, and whatever else suggesteditself, mystical and hopeful, as to the success of an enterprise by which thenew world could be used for the conversion of the Gentiles and for theimprovement of the Christianity of the old world.

  Bobadilla, however, "assailed the portal;" that is to say, he broke open thegate. No one offered any opposition, and the commander and his first-lieutenant were taken prisoners. He went farther, taking up his residence inColumbus's house, and seizing his papers. So soon as Columbus receivedaccount of Bobadilla's arrival, he wrote to him in careful terms,welcoming him to the island. He cautioned him against precipitatemeasures, told him that he himself was on the point of going to Spain, and that he would soon leave him in command, with everything explained.

  He was received, as he had always been, with professions of kindness;but nothing followed important enough to show that there was anythinggenuine in this cordiality. After a few days Columbus begged that someaction might be taken to indemnify him for his losses, and to confirm thepromises which had been made to him before. The king replied that hewas willing to refer all points which had been discussed between them toan arbitration. Columbus assented, and proposed the Archbishop Diego deDeza as an arbiter.

  They said that it was not right that great princes should undertake such enterprises on grounds as weak as those which he relied upon.

  As the reader has seen, he first passed between this great island andthe mainland. The open gulf there described is now known as the Gulf ofParia. The observation which he made as to the freshness of the watercaused by the flow of the Orinoco, has been made by all navigators since.


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