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'Yeah' grinned Doodah through a mouthful of lobster juice. 'But what's the catch'

'Can you slow them down' asked Artemis.

Doodah held on to the strap. 'Tools of the trade, Mud Boy. They go where I go.'

Foaly had considerately switched off his mike, so Artemis would not have the chance to object to his singing. In fact he was using an extremely old hard-wired antenna to send his signal, in the hope that no one in Police Plaza would pick up on his transmission. Haven City was in lockdown, and that meant no communications with the surface. Foaly was knowingly disobeying Commander Ark Sool's orders, and he was quite enjoying himself doing it.

But Abbot wasn't even smiling. 'I really do think, Runt. Get your stumpy tail up here before I give Master Rawley licence to do what he has wanted to do for a long time.'

The voice belonged to Leon Abbot himself, paying one of his surprise visits to the school. Abbot was immediately surrounded by adoring imps, clamouring to receive a friendly cuff on the ear, or to touch his sword.

They dropped quickly. A bit more quickly than Holly would have liked.

Good idea, thought Qwan.


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