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Butler was waiting for them at Fowl Manor’s front door.

‘Blunt shot you. It was a fatal wound, and Holly wasn’t around to help, so I froze you until she arrived.’

Artemis had never liked desserts. And yet, he found himself submersed in eclairs, cheesecake and pavlova. His suit would be absolutely destroyed. Of course, Artemis’s brain was only throwing up these facts so he could avoid thinking about what had happened. But a ninety-kilogram deadweight is a hard thing to ignore.

‘Why did you feel it necessary to damage your own partner, Digence’

A sound file appeared in Holly’s visor. Its wave resembled a seismograph’s readout.

‘Excellent,’ said Juliet. ‘We’re in. I get to bodyslam the guy who shot my brother.’

‘I have them,’ crowed Spiro, his hands two fists of triumph. ‘That’s the last snide e-mail with stock prices I get from these guys.’

‘Eh, Mister Spiro. I think we have a situation here.’


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