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You are white”, I cried, don’t be absurd!” She shook her little head: if you knew!” she said, when I was a girl, a child, old white men, the best in town, used to say dirty words to me in the street and try to touch me — the beasts!” I gasped: I had had no idea of such contempt and persecution.

Please don’t get up!” I cried to the girl, I’d never forgive myself for interrupting you: I’ll wait on myself or on you”, I added smiling, if you wish anything — ”

You know, your question amused me and I thought I would try to find an answer to it and here is one. When you can put a stiff penis in her hand and weep profusely the while, you’re getting near any woman’s heart. But don’t forget the tears.” I found the advice a counsel of perfection; I was unable to weep at such a moment; but I never forgot the words.

Coffee, please,” I answered and took the seat indicated, at once making up my mind to be cold to her while winning the others. Soon the boy began asking me had I ever seen any Indians — in war-paint and armed, I mean” he added eagerly.

In her abnormalities”, says Goethe, Nature reveals her secrets”; here is an abnormality, perhaps as such, worth noting.


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