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He had maybe seconds now before the girl could see him again, and who knew how many guards stood between him and freedom.

Everybody understood. Nothing complicated about it.

I'm the problem, thought Artemis. I am not contributing.

'He's crazy,' he gibbered, tumbling from the hatch of a tiny titanium pod, which had been landed expertly on a flat patch not much bigger than a postage stamp. 'The pixie is crazy! Give me your gun, Holly. I'm going to shoot him.'

Mulch peered over her shoulder towards the mouth of the lane. He turned suddenly pale underneath his coating of wet earth, and his beard hair bristled nervously.

Artemis raised the binoculars to his eyes, then adjusted the focus.

'Straight up the stairs. Second on the left,' answered Foaly.

The surge was playing havoc with her bodily functions, but it was also having an effect on her gunfire. She was laying down a covering fire on the ridge but a cluster of blasts disappeared in mid-air. Where do those shots go Holly wondered briefly. Into the past


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