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The dwarf sank his fingers into a vein of soft clay sprouting through the rock wall. Home. Anywhere on earth was home to a dwarf, as long as there was clay. Mulch felt calm settle over him. He was safe now, for the time being, at any rate.

‘I have no doubt he already knows, said Artemis.

Vishby’s pained expression spoke of years enduring this nickname. How many times do I have to tell you”


The signal had been received. Detonation was imminent.

Mulch picked a beetle from Butler ‘s shoulder.

You may have the hi-tech ground covered, thought the centaur, but what about good old lo-tech

The voice that came back was calm and professional, but with an unmistakably anxious undertone. We’re losing pressure in the holding area. I’m trying to nail down the leak now.”


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