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Mr. Agneau went to the prisoner's berth, and found the two bottles of wine. They were a sufficient explanation of the remarkable conduct of Shuffles. The youth had "drank wine, and was drunken," otherwise he would not have been guilty of such flagrant disobedience. Though in his own estimation the excuse was worse than the original fault, yet it was an explanation; and if the root of the evil could be removed, the evil itself would cease to exist. The wine could be thrown overboard, and as no more could be obtained during the voyage, the good conduct of the young tippler would be insured, at least till the ship {159} reached Queenstown, which was the port to which she was bound.

"I can't; we are not allowed to speak to you."

As the scheme progressed, various modifications had been made in the plan to adapt it to circumstances, the principal of which was the choice of two "shackles," who should be deemed the officers of the League until a regular election had taken place. By this invention, Shuffles and Pelham had been enabled to compromise their differences, for they assumed the newly-created offices, and labored as equals in the bad cause. Each endeavored to make as many new "links" as possible, for already the conspirators consisted of two factions, one of which favored the election of Shuffles, and the other that of Pelham, to the captaincy. Each, in a measure, controlled his own {264} recruits, and was reasonably sure of their votes when the election should be ordered.

When the boys were permitted to go below, they rushed to the watch bills, and studied them faithfully, till they fully understood the programme. Each student ascertained his duty for the night, and his {146} off-time and study-hours for the next day, which were included in the first day's bill.

"I'm in for a time with any good fellow; but I don't think we can make this thing go," said Wilton. "Hush! Don't say another word. There comes an officer."

"There will be no failure, Wilton; you may depend upon that. There will be a row on board within a {171} day or two, and, if I mistake not, nearly all the fellows will be so mad that they will want to join us."


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