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Anyway, Charlie and I installed them again. Around this time, I read an article about these two BenFranklin stores up in Minnesota that had gone to self-servicea brand-new concept at the time. I rode thebus all night long to two little towns up therePipestone and Worthington. They had shelves on the sideand two island counters all the way back. No clerks with cash registers around the store. Just checkoutregisters up front. I liked it. So I did that too.

"In those days, word was starting to get out that a guy named Sam Walton had some interesting retailingideas, so I drove down from Springfield, where I was with Crank Drugs at the time, to see a Wal-Martopening. It was the worst retail store I had ever seen. Sam had brought a couple of trucks ofwatermelons in and stacked them on the sidewalk. He had a donkey ride out in the parking lot. It wasabout 115 degrees, and the watermelons began to pop, and the donkey began to do what donkeys do,and it all mixed together and ran all over the parking lot. And when you went inside the store, the messjust continued, having been tracked in all over the floor. He was a nice fellow, but I wrote him off. It wasjust terrible."I guess it really was about as bad as David describes it, but he just happened to hit it on its worst day.

And if I'm leading the cheer, you'd better believe we do it loud. I have another cheer I lead whenever Ivisit a store: our own Wal-Mart cheer. The associates did it for President and Mrs. Bush when they werehere in Bentonville not long ago, and you could see by the look on their faces that they weren't used tothis kind of enthusiasm. For those of you who don't know, it goes like this:

Then I want to dedicate it to all my partnersand I wish I could recognize every one of you individually,but we've talked over the years and you know how I feel about youand to all 400,000 of myassociate-partners who've made this wild, wild Wal-Mart ride so much fun and so special. Much of thisbook is really your story.


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