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从 早期和真理的接触中,我常觉一种内在的忧伤,是由于心中那与属天教训相敌对之灵所引起的;这时候我又因自己的邪恶忧伤,在悲愁中深觉需要神的帮助,带领我 的灵魂进入真的自由。有时我退到僻静地方,祷告之灵临近了我,我恳求赐恩典的父给我一颗在凡事上都能顺服祂智慧之所指示的心。说出了这样的话,就叫我想起 我所带的帽子和所穿的衣料,曾染上使材料容易损坏的颜色,心中颇觉不安。


  About eleven at night I went out on the deck. The sea wrought exceedingly,and the high, foaming waves round about had in some sort the appearance offire, but did not give much if any light. The sailor at the helm said he latelysaw a corposant at the head of the mast. I observed that the master of the shipordered the carpenter to keep on the deck; and, though he said little, Iapprehended his care was that the carpenter with his axe might be in readinessin case of any emergency. Soon after this the vehemency of the wind abated, andbefore morning they again put the ship under sail.

一 七五八年年初,有一晚我和朋友同往探访一位病人;在我们回来之前,有人告诉我们附近一妇人因在梦境中遭遇死亡及死后全能者审判之事,好几天陷于悲伤中,以 后逐渐复原;与我同行的那位朋友前往见她,和她及她丈夫谈话,涉及她一向的生活态度问题。这一访问相当地影响了他们,尤其是那丈夫,曾流泪表示满意我那位 朋友的访问。不久这人在河上遇着风暴,他和另一人同遭灭顶之祸。

  Each of these Quarterly Meetings was large and sat near eight hours. I hadoccasion to consider that it is a weighty thing to speak much in large meetingsfor business, for except our minds are rightly prepared, and we clearlyunderstand the case we speak to, instead of forwarding we hinder business, andmake more labour for those on whom the burden of the work is laid. If selfishviews or a partial spirit have any room in our minds, we are unfit for theLord's work; if we have a clear prospect of the business, and proper weight onour minds to speak, we should avoid useless apologies and repetitions. Wherepeople are gathered from far, and adjourning a meeting of business is attendedwith great difficulty, it behoves all to be cautious how they detain a meeting,especially when they have sat six or seven hours, and have a great distance toride home. After this meeting I rode home.

  I was at a meeting at Goose Creek, and next at a Monthly Meeting at Fairfax,where, through the gracious dealing of the Almighty with us, His powerprevailed over many hearts. From thence I went to Monoquacy and Pipe Creek inMaryland; at both places I had cause humbly to adore Him who had supported methrough many exercises, and by whose help I was enabled to reach the truewitness in the hearts of others. There were some hopeful young people in thoseparts. I had meetings afterwards at John Everit's in Monalen, and atHuntingdon, and I was made humbly thankful to the Lord, who opened my heartamongst the people in these new settlements, so that it was a time ofencouragement to the honest-minded.

  Read and approved at our Quarterly Meeting, held in Burlington the 29th ofthe Eighth Month, 1774.

在 这次旅行中,观察我们对待黑奴的行为,我相信美洲新殖民地区的某些部分已展开了一条和上述相同的衰败的道路,这使我心中极为伤痛。虽然要简单地描写这些尼 格罗人在我们当中所受待遇不是一件容易的事,可是,当我查阅我在旅途中所作记录之后,我决心把这些记录整理出来。在南方这几州许多白人对黑奴的婚姻之事毫 不在意;当黑奴按照他们自己的方法结合之后,白人亦往往毫不关怀,为着自己的利益,把他们夫妻贩卖到不同的地方去,尤其是当园主在拍卖地产的时候。许多在 田地上执苦役的黑奴背后有执鞭的人紧紧跟着,这些人是被雇用来鞭策他们的。至于黑奴所食的更是可怜,一般情形是每星期仅得少许玉蜀黍,一些盐,一些马铃薯 ——那是他们自己在星期日的劳力所种植的。倘若他们违背主人的命令或工作怠慢,他们所受的惩罚是极重的,有时候甚至丧命。


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