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Kong shrugged. 'I don't read fiction. Manuals, mostly.'

Vinyaya sighed. 'Firstly, Captain, we're not the force. Not the one you think, anyway. Secondly, you want me to give you something I'll give you two words. Care to hazard a guess what they are'

Mulch lowered himself gleefully on to a cream couch, |, fully aware that some of his mucky coating would rub into the furniture. Holly sat beside him, but not too close.

Doodah chortled. 'That's not all you lost, dwarf. Someone is going to have to swab the decks in there.'

Butler raised a finger. 'Ah yes, but the demons are OK as long as they stay away from the crater.'

There was Holly, wondering if her weapon would arrive intact. Typical soldier. And there was No.l, fretting inces-santly, not about the journey itself but about someone who would be waiting for him in Hybras. Abbot. A demon named Abbot.

One demon made it past the laser bursts. Close enough to smell. Holly ducked under his swinging mace, kicking him in the chest. The air left his lungs in a whoof, and the demon went down gasping for breath.

Holly stepped close to the screen. Where was that reluc-tant demon she wondered. And did he have any idea that he was about to be snatched from his own dimension and propelled into another


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