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This was a big breakthrough for No.l. Usually when he found himself in a bad situation, No.l wished himself away. This time he was wishing someone else would disappear. Enough was finally enough, so No.l broke through a life-time of conditioning and talked back to Abbot.

'It could have been a lot worse,' said Artemis. 'You could have been travelling with Mulch.'

The raucous laughter of his classmates stomped all over No.l's thoughts.

'What about your old job'

'Very well. The Council will investigate. Nobody else goes up there.'

'OK. Let's go. Artemis, you go ahead, I'll hold them off from the rear.'

Doodah's foot hovered over the accelerator, but he couldn't punch it now. Not with this goon staring down his neck.

'I accept that,' said Artemis. 'But allow it to reel me in I prefer some facts and figures. How about trajecto-ries Spatial addresses'


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