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hookah vs cigarettes game

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The blue sea sparkled in soft sunlight; little white-capped waves broke softly against the marble breakwaters that guarded the shipping of a great city from the wilderness of winter winds and seas. The quay was of marble, white and sparkling with a veining bright as gold. The city was of marble, red and white. The greater buildings that seemed to be temples and palaces were roofed with what looked like gold and silver, but most of the roofs were of copper that glowed golden-red on the houses on the hills among which the city stood, and shaded into marvellous tints of green and blue and purple where they had been touched by the salt sea spray and the fumes of the dyeing and smelting works of the lower town.

Everyone opened its mouth without thinking of manners, and Anthea, who was peeping into the Psammead’s basket, saw that its mouth opened wider than anybody’s.

‘It’s more worthy of me,’ it said, ‘than the kind of bag that’s given away with a pound of plaice. When do you propose to take me out in it?’

‘Not always they don’t,’ said Cyril, ‘it has to be crimson lake and Prussian blue. If you mix Vermilion and Indigo you get the most loathsome slate colour.’

‘OH!’ said Jane in a queer voice, ‘I wonder whether it was one of those... they came that night—you know, when we were playing devil in the dark”—and I put them in the hat-stand drawer, behind the clothes-brushes and’—she pulled out the drawer as she spoke—‘and here they are!’


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