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Well,” said John Rex, we are in private. What have you to say?”

Thanks, my dear sir, for the ‘we,’ but I must go alone,” said Lord Bellasis dryly. To-morrow you can settle with me for the sitting of last week. Hark! the clock is striking nine. Good night.”

Thank you, none,” said North, filling a tumbler with water. I have a headache.” His manner of speech and action was so awkward that a silence fell upon the party, caused by each one wondering why Mr. North should grow confused, and drum his fingers on the table, and stare everywhere but at the decanter. Meekin — ever softly at his ease — was the first to speak. Have you many visitors, Captain Burgess?”

Bates’s face blanched. What, here?”

Goats are fond of salt, and when I get over to the Pilot Station I shall set traps for them baited with this salt. When they come to lick it, I shall have a noose of catgut ready to catch them — do you understand?”

I have not heard for some years,” said Mr. Wade. He is something in the Convict Department at Sydney, I think.” Is he?” said Mr. Richard, with a shiver. Hope he’ll stop there. Well, but about business. The fact is, that — that I am thinking of selling everything.”

You can come over and see us when we get settled, papa,” said Sylvia, with a young matron’s pride of place, and we can come and see you. Hobart Town is very pretty, but I want to see the world.”

Maurice watched the retreating pair with a puzzled expression. She always leaves me for her father,” he said to himself. I wonder if she really loves me, or if it’s only gratitude, after all?”


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