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  [**] Las Casas says they were not meant for smoke but as a crown, forthey have no opening below for the smoke.

  Columbus tried to reassure them. He professed himself satisfied withthe communications from Ovando, and told them that vessels large enoughfor them would soon arrive. He said that they could see that he believedthis, because he had not himself taken passage with Escobar, preferring toshare their lot with them. He had sent back the little vessel at once, so thatno time might be lost in sending the necessary ships.

  He was expected to send home gold to Spain with every vessel; heknew perfectly well that Spain was clamoring with indignation because hedid not succeed in doing so. But on the island itself he had to meet, from day to day, conspiracies of Spaniards and what are called insurrections ofnatives. These insurrections consisted simply in their assertion of suchrights as they had to the beautiful land which the Spaniards were takingaway from them.

  He had the assistance of a Carthusian monk, who seems to have beenskilled in literary work, and the two arranged these passages in order,illustrated them with poetry, and collected them into a manuscript volumewhich was sent to the sovereigns.

  For at least twenty-eight years, the body was permitted to remainunder the vaults of this chapel. Then a petition was sent to Charles V, forleave to carry the coffin and the body to San Domingo, that it might beburied in the larger chapel of the cathedral of that city. To this the emperorconsented, in a decree signed June 2, 1537. It is not known how soon theremoval to San Domingo was really made, but it took place before manyyears.

  On the nineteenth of May Columbus executed his will, which had beenprepared at Segovia a year before. In this will he directs his son and his successors, acting as administrators, always to maintain "in the city ofGenoa, some person of our line, who shall have a house and a wife in thatplace, who shall receive a sufficient income to live honorably, as beingone of our relatives, having foot and root in the said city, as a native; sincehe will be able to receive from this city aid in favor of the things of hisservice; because from that city I came forth and in that city I was born."This clause became the subject of much litigation as the century went on.

  "For six months I was ready to leave to take to their Highnesses thegood news of the gold and to stop governing a dissolute people who fearedneither king nor queen, full of meanness and malice. I would have beenable to pay all the people with six hundred thousand maravedis and forthat there were more than four millions of tithes without counting the thirdpart of the gold."Columbus says that be begged before his departure that they wouldsend some one at his expense to take command, and yet again a subjectwith letters, for he says bitterly that he has such a singular reputation thatif he "were building churches and hospitals they would say they were cellsfor stolen goods."Then Bobadilla came to Santo Domingo while Columbus was atLaVega and the Adelantado at Jaragua. "The second day of his arrival hedeclared himself governor, created magistrates, made offices, publishedgrants for gold and tithes, and everything else for a term of twenty years."He said he had come to pay the people, and declared he would send Columbus home in irons. Columbus was away. Letters with favors weresent to others, but none to him. Columbus resorted to methods to gain timeso that their Highnesses could understand the state of things. But he wasconstantly maligned and persecuted by those who were jealous of him. Hesays:

  Another storm delayed him at a port which he called Port Brasil. Theword Brasil was the name which the Spaniards gave to the red log-wood,so valuable in dyeing, and various places received that name, where thiswood was found. The name is derived from "Brasas,"--coals,--in allusion,probably, to the bright red color of the dye.


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