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Part 4 Chapter 4 Extracted from the Diary of the Rev. James N

But Mrs. Vickers and the child?”

To love such a villain? I don’t know that. I love you because you are a villain. A better man would be wearisome to such as I am.”

Don’t ask me, miss. It’s against orders, and —”

I have read it,” said Dawes, still lying back and watching him.

Upon which a great shout went up, echoed by the grim hills which had witnessed so many miseries.

Sorry to disturb yer,” says the convict, with a grin, but you must come along o’ me, Mr. Bates.”

——That is my story. Let it plead with you to turn you from your purpose, and to save her. The punishment of sin falls not upon the sinner only. A deed once done lives in its consequence for ever, and this tragedy of shame and crime to which my felon’s death is a fitting end, is but the outcome of a selfish sin like yours!”


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